Who We Are

The San Francisco Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group was founded in 2011 and was the SF Bay Area’s first hypnofetish organization. Our members include many experienced and knowledgeable hypnotists and subjects, and we have strong connections to the Leather and BDSM community.

In addition to being the folks behind WEEHU, we hold regular meetings at 7:30pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. We also organize or sponsor classes and events at other times and locations in the Bay Area.

Our group works with (and advocates for) a model of hypnosis where hypnotists and subjects are equal partners (regardless of their chosen power dynamics) in a collaborative process that is primarily about rapport, trust and engagement. We believe that great hypnotists and hypnotic subjects are mutually open, genuine, communicative, receptive, and empowered.

WEEHU’s team, specifically, currently consists of a small volunteer group of project leads, as well as the rest of our dedicated volunteers & presenters, and of course our amazing attendees who always bring their enthusiasm and spirit of community, which really helps our event shine!

panavatar is our Programming Coordinator. panavatar makes the schedule, plans all the things, keeps our presenters happy, and does all the stuff that needs doing that isn’t otherwise being done by someone else.

Dr. Headcrash is our Founder & Patron, and co-lead with panavatar on many pre-event projects, as well as taking a management role onsite.

Fleur_ is our Pre-Event Volunteer Coordinator. She wrangles the volunteers  and makes sure WEEHU’s staffing is all ship shape. She’s also in charge of badges!

MsKittyLove is our Registration Lead. She runs the whole front desk empire and makes sure your con check-in is smooth sailing! You will also (doubtless) see her running around doing a million other things that make the con awesome!

GirlFriday is our Onsite Volunteer Coordinator. She keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes at the event, and helps with heavy lifting and whatever else needs doing!

Pelvic Sorcery is our Setup Lead. He leads the charge in arranging our playspaces & classrooms, and generally keeping things working well spatially.

kizmahas is our Instructor & Classroom Support Lead. She makes sure our presenters have everything they need to make their workshops and events shine!

EnergeticIntent is our new Unconference Facilitator, working to make the Unconference portion of our event as awesome as it can be!

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