Hey, potential WEEHU volunteers! If you want to help out, please send an email to weehuvolunteers@gmail.com and let us know!

Volunteering is a great way to get to meet a lot of people at the con. We will need help in such areas as front-desk registration, vending, setup, food prep, errands, sign-making, and transportation wrangling. This year we are also looking for help before and after the event, with logistics, planning special events, and getting feedback. We always have a fantastic volunteer team–we love you folks 🙂 

We will have tasks suitable for those with limited mobility or other ability-related issues, and you will not be required/expected to work beyond your capabilities. We do our best to make sure our volunteers get to see all the classes and go to all the events they really want to make it to.

Depending on need and availability, volunteers can receive discounted or comped admission and/or shared sleeping space. Please note that discounts or comps do come with a minimum number of volunteer hours in exchange. We hope you will feel motivated to help out and will enjoy the experience of volunteering as well as participating.