Venue & Accommodations

Sept 7, 2017 update: We will have the hotel entirely private for WEEHU on Friday and Saturday night! There will be a minimal number of WEEHU folk onsite Sunday night as well – even fewer after YOU book your room! The hotel is currently almost entirely booked so please reserve soon! We expect to sell out this year.

Our venue for classes, parties and lodgings since 2015 has been the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Belmont, CA, a 20 min drive from San Francisco and a 12 minute walk from Caltrain. We love working with this hotel and they are so welcoming to us! We encourage you to stay at the venue, as it’ll really enhance your con experience!

We will definitely have at least 2 nights completely reserved for WEEHU attendees. We might even be able to fill it for one more night,  but not without your help. Tell your friends about us, and even if you’re local, please consider making the jump to stay with us onsite this year. Ask folks who stayed with us last year–it’s worth it. The immersive experience of being in hypno-con space all weekend just can’t be replicated.

How to Stay at the Hotel

Room rates for this year are $169 for standard rooms (1 king, with foldout sofa, or 2 queens) or $185 for suites. There are only a few suites available, so please book quicky if you want one! (That includes the funky “executive” suite on the first floor, where you can live out all your board room fantasies!)

We very much need your support to fill the hotel. Please stay Friday-Sunday nights if you possibly can!

You can book your room at the con rate by clicking here, entering the con dates and hitting “search.” You can also book by phone at 1-800-439-4745 — the hotel is the Holiday Inn Express in Belmont, CA, and you will need to mention you’re with the WEEHU group–or they will tell you the hotel is full!

Standard rooms will have either 1 king bed or 2 queens. The kings include a full-sized fold-out sofa, so either type can sleep 4. The hotel does have some adjoining standard rooms, if you want to get a larger group together.

Suites are much more spacious and have lots of floor space for sleeping. All suites have 1 king bed and 1 foldout sofa. Some suites have the bed in a completely separate room, and some are just one very large room. Some have Jacuzzi tubs. All of them have a separate kitchenette/bar area.

Amenities include free breakfast and parking, as well as minifridges and microwaves in all the rooms.

Would You Like to Stay on the Party Floor??

The third floor of the hotel is a special place! Four of our classrooms (which turn into our playspaces in the evenings), as well as our hospitality suite, are on the 3rd floor. This is also the only floor is that is fully private from the hotel lobby, and therefore the only floor where nudity (or partial nudity) is allowed.

Staying on the third floor is by far the best way to have an immersive experience at the con. These rooms always sell out and there are always more people who want to stay on this floor than we can accommodate. As such, we give first priority to folks who want to open up their rooms for the parties, vend out of their rooms, or otherwise make their space part of the event for even a few hours. 

Click here for a complete rundown on party floor rooms, and how to reserve one for yourself!

Day Visitors

For day visitors, you’ll benefit from the atmosphere of our secured floor at the hotel, where you can be yourself in an open and accepting environment. We will be holding most of our classes as informal, relaxed presentations within a few hotel rooms reserved just for that purpose. For larger classes & workshops, or presentations that otherwise need more room, we have the conference room on the ground floor. (You will have to pass through vanilla space to get to/from that room.)

Day visitors are welcome to come and go throughout the scheduled day as they please, as long as they carry their con badge. Parties will wrap up at 1-2am, at which time con spaces will close for the evening and you’ll be sent on your merry way until the next morning. Reasonably easy street parking is available throughout the day/evening for those not staying at the hotel, but Caltrain stops running sometime between 10pm-12am, depending on the day and your destination, so that’s something to keep in mind when planning your con experience. If you miss your public transit deadline, and find yourself in a jam, please reach out to a staff member – we may be able to help you find a ride home or otherwise assist with your dilemma!