The Schedule is Live!

Here is a link to the class schedule, which includes the schedule grid itself, a class list, and the presenters’ list with bios.

We have over 60 scheduled classes, and we are SO excited about what’s in store this year.

What can still change:

  • There is always a chance that one or more presenters may need to arrive later or depart earlier than planned, as not everyone has their travel arrangements solidified yet. If that happens, things may get shuffled around a bit.
  • We still have a (very) few open timeslots–space is being held for a few presenters who aren’t 100% sure they can make it yet. If they release that space, then it’ll be opened to any current presenters who have another great class or two to offer!

A few things to note:

  • Last year, there were issues with classes being too full, so this year we have added a 5th track. More tough choices for our attendees, but more room when they do decide 🙂
  • Both attendees and presenters wanted more longer-form classes, so we’ve made room for them!
  • The #1 feedback we received last year about our programming was that people LOVED the experiential/immersive trances that a few presenters offered, and they wanted MORE. So this year, we’ve done our best to offer at least 1-2 classes of that type per day, both during class time and in the earlier portion of the play parties.

Among the things that will be new about the schedule this year:

  • Orientations for people new to WEEHU, on both Friday and Saturday evenings
  • More scheduled activities during playtime in the evenings
  • A dedicated unconference block on Sunday morning!
  • Longer lunches
  • The social area will be expanded from the hospitality suite, to also include the downstairs dining room
  • Our closing dinner on Sunday will be provided onsite!

The feedback we received from last year was that people wanted more social space, more opportunities to practice or experience trance outside of a class format, and more unscheduled time to connect with each other. So, that’s what we’ve prioritized 🙂

More Info on Our Unconference Session

This year, WEEHU will be having a dedicated block of time for an Unconference session on Sunday morning. No other events or classes will be formally scheduled during this time. We’ll meet in the (Un)conference room at the beginning of the session, then split into whatever breakout sessions feel right for us, throughout the hotel.

Starting on Friday, we will have a big board on the wall on the 3rd floor, where people can begin to post their ideas, suggestions, and offerings for the Unconference. We will use that board as a launch point for the Sunday session.

What you can put on the board is pretty much limitless, but here are some general categories of things:

  • requests for specific topics, e.g. “hypnotic anesthesia,” “ecstatic trance,” “cathartic hypnosis”
  • a gathering of like minds, e.g. “I’d love to have a discussion group with other folks from Hypwatch!”
  • a group activity, e.g. “let’s play Hypno Candyland where we all transform into the characters!”
  • encores of classes, e.g. “Najalaise, I missed your Negotiating Hypnotic Edgeplay discussion, can you offer it again?”
  • offer to share a skill or do a demo, e.g. “I’m really into turning people into zombies, wanna see?”

Unconference Rules!

  • Whoever shows up are the right people.
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have, be prepared to be surprised!
  • Wherever it is, is the right place.
  • Whenever something starts is the right time.
  • A topic/session/breakout is over when it’s over, not when the clock runs out.

Various sessions may form and then break out again. Go with the flow. Feel free to move on to another group, or form something new, if what’s happening where you are isn’t working for you. This is also known as “the law of two feet.”

Read more about Unconferences and its foundation, Open Space Technology.

We are really excited to be revitalizing the “unconference” portion of our name. Please bring your ideas, enthusiasm, and spirit of spontaneity!