So Much News!

Hi folks!

We are slightly less than 1 month out from the con, and as anticipated, THE SCHEDULE IS NOW LIVE!

Time-sensitive things for you to know: 

  • General registration ends in 4 days, and late registration begins. Tickets will, accordingly, go up $25 in price.
  • We have no more than 10 rooms remaining at the hotel. Please book NOW to secure your spot!

We had a very successful online Playspace Monitor Training Session a couple weeks ago – if you missed it and would like to join in an onsite training, please email us at – we are not sure when/where/if it will be held yet.

Pages will soon be added on this site with specific info about our Unconference session, our Orientation session (if you are new to WEEHU), and we’ll follow up with future updates!

We can’t wait to see you all there 🙂