To see our current list of presenters, click here to check out our schedule; click on the “Presenter Bios” tab to find our who everyone is!

Would You Like to Present for Us?

Presenter applications are closed for 2017, but please read on for info on presenting in future years.

If you would like to present for us, please contact us with some info about what you might like to do (teach a class, moderate a discussion group, facilitate a special event, etc), a brief bio, and any other relevant information.

We actively encourage new presenters and folks who are just starting out teaching/facilitating.

Our presenters’ list is curated: not everyone who applies to the event is accepted, and not all presentations they would like to offer end up on the schedule. Some considerations we take into account are:

  • What are their skills as a presenter?
  • Does their offered material fill a unique and/or needed niche in the con’s program?
  • Does their offered material complement or fit closely enough to our focus on erotic hypnosis

Please note: As a policy, we do not host hypnosis stage shows at WEEHU. We feel that the stage performance experience does not fit with the collaborative, educational & experiential environment we foster here. We also feel that there are many venues for hypnotic stage performances, while the other programming we offer is relatively unique. This is not a negative judgement of stage hypnosis–it just isn’t what we’re about. If you feel that you have programming to offer that falls into the “stage hypnosis” category, but should be an exception to this rule, please do reach out and let us know what you have in mind!

Presenters are selected through a variety of ways:

  • We invite great presenters from prior years to return.
  • We approach people who gave great presentations at other events we attended.
  • We invite presenters who were highly recommended by others in the kink community.
  • We issue an informal call for presentations in our Fetlife group.
  • Potential presenters who hear about our event contact us privately.

If someone approaches us to present, and we aren’t familiar with them and/or have never seen them teach, we may ask them to send us a sample video of one of their classes, give a demo presentation with us in person or via video chat, and/or provide references from someone else in the erotic hypnosis or overall kink community. And we reserve the right at any time, for any reason (stated or unstated) to refuse to allow someone to present.