Party Floor Rooms

At WEEHU, the third floor of our hotel is where 4 of our classrooms are, and also where the play party takes place. We have 4 play rooms with a variety of dungeon & play furniture, a hospitality suite & casual hangout space in the hall. People play in the play rooms and also in the hallway. Our space is relatively intimate, and one of the ways we try to make more room & excitement is by guests like YOU opening up their rooms for extra space and activities.

Would you like to have a party floor room?

First of all – please do email us at if you want to be on the party floor. We’ll do our best to fit everyone in who wants to be there, but be warned it fills up early every year. There are only about 20 rooms available! You will need to include:

  • the name the room is registered under (yes, you need to book your room FIRST!)
  • the type of room (king/queens – note there are NO SUITES AVAILABLE on the party floor)
  • what you want to contribute to the party

If you choose to stay on the party floor, you are under no obligation to open up your space to other guests for any set period of time or to any activities you aren’t comfortable with. However, party floor requests that include *some* kind of activity that will contribute to the part(ies) will be given top priority.

Having your door propped open will be a signal that the room is open to others. Please note that doors at the hotel are spring-loaded and will require doorstops. We will bring some, but if you can remember to bring your own, that will help!

Examples of the type of events/themes/etc you could offer:

  • “I want to have a hypnotized robot dance party in my room on Saturday evening”
  • “I want to have a board games room that’s open all weekend except when I’m sleeping/changing/etc”
  • “I’ll have a projector running hypnosis-themed movies on Friday”
  • “I’m going to have a fancy tea service in my room, served by my hypnotized butler, on Saturday at 11pm. It will last 1 hour and I can serve up to 20 people. I will post a signup sheet outside my room starting on Friday. Others are welcome to watch.”
  • “I’m just offering my room as additional playspace, people can do anything in there as long as they clean up afterward and stay on top of the blankets”
  • “I’m setting up a private photo booth in my room, if you want to record memories of your WEEHU weekend!”

This is just to inspire you – the possibilities are practically limitless!

Room themes and activities are still required to adhere to WEEHU’s rules & values. So, no room themes that exclude anyone based on gender/age/orientation/kink/race/etc, or themes that otherwise contradict our rules. Bump things to a private, invite-only party if that’s what you want to do.

And, if you have special rules (“the no underpants room”) they need to be clearly posted on the wall outside so people know what they’re signing up for when they go inside.

Lastly: anyone, anywhere in the hotel, is allowed to have private, invite-only parties or gatherings in their rooms. But if only some people are allowed, your door needs to remain closed.