MANDATORY Orientation!

If this is your first year at WEEHU, even if you are an experienced hypnotist or kinkster, we require you to take an orientation session before attending the play parties.

The main orientation will occur during the first 30ish minutes of the Friday play party, so there is no need to miss any classes or skip a meal in order to attend. If you can’t attend during that time, please let staff know, and we can schedule a 2nd one for Saturday.

At orientation, you will briefly learn the history of WEEHU and get an introduction to our con culture. This will include going over some basic etiquette for meeting and potentially playing with new-to-you people, some hypno-play best practices, and advice for how to make the most of your time with us and take care of yourself along the way. We’ll tell you about some special events/features such as the Unconference session, the Desires board, and the Monday field trip.

You’ll also meet some of our staff, playspace monitors, and Troubleshooters, and there will be a round of introductions, so at the end, you will know a few names and faces, which I think you’ll agree will make your con experience extra enjoyable 🙂

Can’t wait to see you there!