Deadline to Book Rooms: Sept 28th

The hotel has informed us that Wednesday, September 28th is the deadline to book your rooms at the WEEHU group rate.

After that, if there are rooms left, they’ll be offering them to the general public.

The nights you will most want to be at the hotel are Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night. Last year the Sunday night afterparty stretched long into the night and was one of the most fun parts of the con for many of us!

I know some of you have been tight on funds and/or waiting to find a roommate, but remember that the hotel won’t charge you until you check in, and you can still cancel later on if you end up finding someone who wants to share their room with you.

How Do We Book Rooms???

Reservations can be made by calling the hotel, at (650) 654-4000, and mentioning that you’re part of the WEEHU group. If you don’t mention WEEHU, you will likely be told the hotel is full.

Be sure and specify with the hotel whether you want a king, queen, or suite. Last we checked, they were all still available, but only 2 suites remained.

The group rate for standard rooms is $197 per night (plus tax). There are also a VERY small number of suites for $239.

What About the Party Floor?

Here is a link to info about the WEEHU party floor, aka the third floor.

People who want to stay on the party floor NEED to have reservations for Fri-Sun nights (checking out Monday). This requirement is due to our need to keep the 3rd floor private all three nights.

After you’ve reserved with the hotel, f you would like to have a room on the 3rd floor, you will need to let us know at We’ll need to have the name your room is booked under, and whether you reserved a king or two-queen room. There are no suites available on the 3rd floor–they are all classrooms 🙂

What If We Don’t Fill the Whole Hotel This Year?

In that case, WEEHU will still be awesome, and we will still have the private 3rd floor. For those of you who attended last year, the format will be basically the same.

Thanks for your support, everyone!