Con Rules

Every gathering has norms and expectations of behavior, and ours is no exception. WEEHU is an adult gathering, and we expect you to behave like a responsible adult. Below are our rules: you will note a strong emphasis on basic respect and responsibility. By attending WEEHU, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.

  • WEEHU is meant to be a space of acceptance for everyone who attends and abides by our rules. By attending WEEHU, you acknowledge that you may meet people whose kinks, lifestyles, sexuality, etc are very different than yours, and you agree to respect the diversity you will see at our con.
  • The age minimum for WEEHU is 18.
  • Respect the discretion and privacy of other attendees, aka: What happens at WEEHU, stays at WEEHU. Please feel free to write or speak publicly about classes that you attended, using the names the instructors are teaching under. However, for all other individuals and interactions, please get the permission of those involved before writing about your experiences in any way that identifies them.
  • Alcohol use is not permitted onsite at the con, except within private rooms, by those 21 & over. Those clearly intoxicated will be removed from con space.  Illegal drug use is not permitted at WEEHU.
  • Respect the space and boundaries of your fellow attendees. Be proactive and clear in communicating your boundaries, limits, expectations, and desires, and make a point of learning & respecting those of the people you interact with. In general, get explicit permission before initiating touch, trance, triggers or other intimate interactions–hypnotic or otherwise–or before touching or using other attendees’ toys or equipment.
  • Some attendees have prearranged agreements with each other regarding boundaries and consent. Respect them. If you have concerns about other people’s interactions with each other, ask them about it.
  • Take care not to interrupt scenes. Hypnotic scenes in particular can take many forms. If people are engaging in kinky play, snuggling, or having what looks like a quiet, intimate conversation, it is almost always best to wait until a later time to talk to them or get in their space.
  • Harassment of any attendee, at any time or for any reason, is against WEEHU’s basic tenet of respect, and is considered a serious violation of our rules.
  • Hate speech & hate symbology are serious violations of WEEHU’s ethos of respect and diversity, and will be treated as such. If your kink or scenes involve imagery or language that would generally be considered derogatory against a particular gender, race, religion, orientation, etc, please be considerate of the space and context you use for those interactions, and be respectful in how these elements might impact the folks around you. When in doubt, move to a private room.
  • Firearms or realistic reproductions of firearms are not permitted at WEEHU.
  • Realistic reproduction military or law enforcement uniforms are not permitted in public spaces at WEEHU. WEEHU staff may, at our discretion, allow exemptions to this rule, but you must request in advance of the event.
  • No photography or video recording unless in a private hotel room with the agreement of all present.
  • All parties involved in a scene are responsible for doing due diligence in making sure that the scene ends well. For example: If you are a ’tist, do wakeups responsibly and be careful with post-hypnotic triggers. If you are a subject, be mindful of your headspace and capabilities post scene. It’s always fine to ask for another wakeup or other help getting back to baseline.
  • Because of the intimate nature of our con, WEEHU is a “scent-free” environment. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, or other strongly scented products while in common spaces at the event.
  • Nudity is only allowed in classrooms, private rooms, and the 3rd floor of the hotel. Keep buttocks, genitals & breasts inside your clothing in all other public areas of the hotel!
  • The 1st & 2nd floors of the hotel are visible from the front desk. The hotel knows who we are, but please be kind to them and keep overt kinky/sexual behavior within classrooms, private rooms, or the 3rd floor.
  • A note on private rooms on the 3rd floor: A propped-open door is a signal that guests are welcome. During play parties, it is a signal that the room is open to use as a play space. However, the person(s) staying in that room may set their own rules/boundaries/requirements for being in that space (provided they don’t conflict with the above rules), and may revoke access to their room to anyone at any time.
  • A note on private rooms on the 1st or 2nd floor: Play in the hallways, or the propping open of doors for parties, is not allowed in these areas. Play, parties or gatherings are allowed inside the rooms as long as noise is kept to a reasonable level, and doors to rooms are kept closed. You may put a sign on your door to indicate if other WEEHU guests are welcome.
  • AT ALL TIMES WHILE AT THE CON: Calling out the word “SAFEWORD” is a call for help from anyone who hears. If you hear the word “safeword” called, and a Playspace Monitor is not present or able to assist, we empower attendees to offer assistance until a Playspace Monitor or staff member can be summoned.

If you need help or have a question, look for a WEEHU organizer or instructor you recognize, a Playspace Monitor with a NEON GREEN bandana, a Troubleshooter with an ORANGE bandana, or someone at the con reg desk. If they can’t help you, they can direct you to someone who can.

Rules for Kinky Play

These are the rules for the third floor during play parties, as well as any play you may have during class demos, in the 3rd floor hallway during the day, etc.

All con rules also apply during playtime.

  • Keep bodily fluids contained (condoms, tarps, absorbent pads, etc)
  • No play that will set off hotel smoke alarms.
  • No play that will potentially damage hotel property.
  • You must have your own sharps container for any needle play or similar.
  • Clean all furniture (with the provided alcohol spray) after use.
  • Change the sheets on the beds after use, and place the used sheets in one of the provided bags. If you can’t find fresh sheets or a bag, please talk to a Playspace Monitor.
  • Safer sex (using condoms & other barriers during play) is strongly recommended.

Playspace Monitors are on duty from the beginning of the party until 1am. PMs are easy to spot by their lime green bandanas. They are there to assist you in making sure you have fun scenes and that people respect your space. They are not there to police your scenes, and will only interrupt them when absolutely necessary, to protect someone’s life, limb or hotel/con property. PMs are the people to talk to if you need help finding safer sex supplies, if you have a question about con rules, or if you need help finding the right place for your scene.

If you are commencing a scene that you think many observers would find edgy or disturbing, we strongly encourage you to tell a PM what you’re planning before you begin. You don’t need their permission, but you will be making their job much easier.

Consent Incident & Conflict Resolution Policies

If you have a negative experience with another attendee that violates our rules or otherwise clearly compromises the spirit of the event, we want to know about it. We take reports & feedback very seriously, and keep records from year to year.

We have a dedicated team onsite that will be your point of contact for any issues of consent or conflict. They will be easy for you to find and will be there to support you and listen to you. They are called the Troubleshooters. They will be easy to spot by their ORANGE bandanas, and at least one will be on site at all times. If you’re looking for a Troubleshooter and can’t find them, ask a PM or staff member!

Our Troubleshooters are selected from the greater sex-positive community, and are chosen for their extensive skills & experience in nonviolent communication, caring for people in crisis, conflict mitigation, and de-escalation. The Troubleshooters are a dedicated team that operates independently from (while coordinating with) Staff, and Staff defers to them when addressing how to handle issues that may come up. In the event that conflicts of interest may arise regarding an incident, the Troubleshooters & Staff will work with several additional mentors & therapists within the sex-positive community when working toward solutions.

If a rules violation is witnessed by us or reported to us, the next steps are up to our judgement and discretion (with the assistance of our Troubleshooters) while prioritizing the privacy and safety of our attendees. Action taken will vary based on the nature of the reported incident, the wishes of the person(s) making the report, and the response of the person(s) reported, and may vary from a simple conversation, to education, to a restriction in roles or types of participation in the event, to removal & exclusion from the event. 

Please note that while we are available to listen to, and take note of, reports of events that did not take place at WEEHU, the actions we take based on that information may not be the same as if the reported events took place here. This information is still valuable to us, regardless of the action it produces; we do keep records of reports, and we do look out for patterns of behavior.

If you are not able to make an in-person report, or need to speak to us about conflict- and/or consent-related issues throughout the year, please email our Troubleshooter team at

By attending our events, you are agreeing to our handling of reported incidents.

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