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So Much News!

Hi folks!

We are slightly less than 1 month out from the con, and as anticipated, THE SCHEDULE IS NOW LIVE!

Time-sensitive things for you to know: 

  • General registration ends in 4 days, and late registration begins. Tickets will, accordingly, go up $25 in price.
  • We have no more than 10 rooms remaining at the hotel. Please book NOW to secure your spot!

We had a very successful online Playspace Monitor Training Session a couple weeks ago – if you missed it and would like to join in an onsite training, please email us at – we are not sure when/where/if it will be held yet.

Pages will soon be added on this site with specific info about our Unconference session, our Orientation session (if you are new to WEEHU), and we’ll follow up with future updates!

We can’t wait to see you all there ๐Ÿ™‚

Why You Should Book Your Room & Register NOW!

Hi all! Thanks so much to all of you who have already booked your rooms and/or registered.

However! If you haven’t!

We are meeting with the hotel on WEDNESDAY. That meeting will decide if, and for how long, we will have the entire hotel to ourselves.

The best way to confirm this will happen is to book your room in the next couple days. The more rooms we have booked by Wednesday, the more likely we are to cinch this.

Another reason to book your room now: We already have 60% of the hotel booked. At this rate, the hotel will definitely sell out before the event. If we aren’t able to reserve the whole thing, that will happen even sooner. All suites are already booked!

Why you should register for WEEHU now: We are also experiencing record-breaking ticket sales. So far, more than double than in prior years. We may sell out of tickets for the first time ever this year. Don’t miss out!

To register, visit

To book your room, click here, enter in the con dates (a range from 10/19/2017-10/23/2017) and click “search.”

Thank you so much for your support, everyone!

So Excited!

Hi all, this is just a quick update post to say that many exciting things are happening behind the scenes!

So far, we’ve had record ticket sales and volunteer applications. If you are looking to volunteer in exchange for assistance with your registration fees or sleeping space, please do so ASAP, as those opportunities may fill up soon! (If you’re worried you’re too late, though, it never hurts to ask, as we often have volunteers whose plans change closer to the event.)

We have a fabulous list of confirmed presenters lined up for you – soon our Presenters page will be updated with this year’s info. Suffice to say, we’ll have many of your favorites from prior years returning, as well as many new faces as we work to always bring you fresh content and experiences.

We will also soon have news from the hotel about whether or not we will be able to take the whole place for ourselves. If you haven’t booked your room, now is the time!

Speaking of which – we have added detailed info to the site regarding booking rooms on the party floor, and how to open up YOUR room for a themed event of some kind!

Thanks everyone – more soon!

Earlybird Rates Have Ended…Or Have They??

We’ve extended the Earlybird Registration rate until July 4th…if (and only if!) you enter code W3XT3ND on the ticketing page!

Please remember to book your room by July 10th if at all possible! You will not need to pay for it until you check in. This is to confirm to our hotel that we will have enough folks to book out the whole place. They will be making this decision mid-July and we would SO love to make this dream come true!

2017 Registration is LIVE!

We can’t wait to see your smiling faces at WEEHU this year! Register now to be sure to get th

Buy tickets for WEEHU 2017: The Western Erotic Hypnosis Unconference’s 5th Anniversary

This year ticketing tiers look like this:

$85 – Earlybird, until June 20th

$100 – General, until Sept 29th

$125 – Late, from Sept 29 through onsite sales


$150 – Hero, contributing to our scholarship program

(last year 10 additional people were able to attend due to Hero rate tickets–your funds really do make a huge difference!)

You may notice our extra-early Earlybird cutoff, and earlier Late ticketing price, this time around. Please note that this year we are making every effort to offer some kind of compensation to all our presenters (based on need).

In past years the vast majority of our presenters have paid for everything, including their own con registration, out of pocket. I’d like to take a moment to honor their contributions and dedication. For those presenters who feel they have the resources to continue this support of our event–wonderful! We thank you wholeheartedly.

That said, we strongly feel that it is in accordance with our values of community support, that our presenters be valued for the work they do, and for less-affluent presenters to be able to afford to share their skills with our attendees. We’ve been working toward this goal for several years now.

We have kept the Earlybird and General rates the same as last year, so please just book early if the higher tiers are out of your budget–and remember, hotel rooms are significantly less this year!

We offer discounts or scholarships through our volunteer team. If financial barriers are the only thing stopping you from attendance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll see what we can do. All email should be addressed to

Hotel Registration is Open!

Room rates for this year are $169 for standard rooms (1 king, with foldout sofa, or 2 queens) or $185 for suites!

We are going to make another go at booking the whole hotel but we will need YOUR support to make that happen! We were so close last year! The hotel will be making a final decision on whether to close the hotel to us in July, so we encourage you to book your room as early as possible.

You can book your room at the con rate by clicking here, entering the con dates and hitting “search.” You can also book by phone at 1-800-439-4745 — the hotel is the Holiday Inn Express in Belmont, CA, and you will need to mention you’re with the WEEHU group or they will tell you the hotel is full!

Con registration will go live very soon!

Quick Hotel News!

Hi all! We’re busy working behind the scenes to have a new look for the WEEHU website this year, getting ticketing set up, etc.

I just wanted to pop in and give a QUICK update that I think you’ll all be happy to hear!

We had a great meeting with the host hotel last week and got plans finalized.

As you’ll recall, last year we came up a bit short on having the whole hotel booked (though we had more than 3/4 of the rooms), and we know a big part of that was the big spike in room rates from the prior year.

This year the new team there is really motivated to get the whole place for us, so they’ve lowered our standard room rates to about $30 less than last year, and suites are $50 less.

This is such a huge deal! The hotel’s non-discounted rates have actually gone up, too!

We anticipate knowing whether or not we’ll be able to have the whole place by mid-July, BUT we are pretty confident about it. And the way you can help make that happen is to make your room reservations as early as possible.

They are also going to make it easier to reserve rooms this year, by giving us our own online booking page.

We’ll have more info on that, and how to book, very soon. Stay tuned!

Playspace Monitor Training for WEEHU 2017!

Hello all,

Something that we’re prioritizing this year is improving and “upgrading” our Playspace Monitor (aka DMs or Dungeon Monitors) team for this year’s event, the weekend of Oct 20-22 2017.

One of the ways we’re seeking to do this is to offer training in advance of the event. This is so all PMs can be on the same page with what their role is, how to deal with different situations, and how to best be assets to our attendees.

We aim to have this training be something that will be valuable in your future endeavors and in improving your communication skills in general!

Trainings will be low cost–or FREE if you sign up to work at least 1 hour as a WEEHU PM!

There will be 1 in-person training held in the SF Bay Area, and 1-2 trainings held via Skype or Google Hangout.

We do not have dates set for these yet, but please stay tuned.

If you are interested, please join our mailing list to be informed as more information rolls out!

Thanks everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

WEEHU Wrap-Up and Thanks

WEEHU was an overwhelming success this year, with about 150 kick-ass attendees!

Here is my note of thanks, as con organizer, to all of you:

* Thank you to ALL of our attendees for bringing your enthusiasm, kindness, playfulness, friendliness, knowledge, acceptance and diversity to our event. Every WEEHU has been wonderful in its own way, but I think this year the overwhelming impression of myself and the others I’ve spoken to was that there was something special about the energy of the event this year. We saw Old Guard, total newbies and first timers, sensualists, M/s, D/s, hypnotists, subjects, pet players, age players, AB/DLs, furries, sadists, masochists, monos, polys, queer folk, het folk, folks everywhere on the gender spectrum, introverts, extroverts, long time partners and new connections all existing and engaging together with vulnerability, openness and empathy. I have been to many events and parties and rarely have I seen this level of happy diversity and acceptance. That is something that no amount of scheduling, signage or pre-planning on our part can create–only YOU, the people who show up, can do that. Thank you, from my heart, every one of you, for making that happen!

* Next, thank you to our absolutely STELLAR volunteers this year, who really went above and beyond and brought all their skills to the table. A good volunteer group who works well as a team and self-motivates is priceless. I am positive that despite best efforts, I didn’t get to thank–or even meet–every one of you, but please know that your contributions were greatly appreciated.

* WEEHU was blessed with a really outstanding lineup of presenters this year, who not only taught with knowledge and passion, but also really engaged with the event and made themselves available to our attendees. Thank you SO much, all of you, for donating your time, skills, and energy to us, we were honored to have you there. I’m just sorry I couldn’t see more of your classes or get to know all of you better in person. Attendees–if you have a moment, please do feel free to reach out to the presenters you most resonated with, let them know about your experience, and thank them!

* In particular, we want to thank Dossie Easton for her talk on consent & community on Saturday, the house was packed and I feel we were all deeply enriched by what she had to say and by the conversations she sparked as a result. Ifย you want to speak further with her, she can be found and contacted at

* Thank you to everyone who showed up, taught, learned, took on responsibility, provided support, or otherwise contributed to our first ever REAL Unconference session! The energy you all brought to the table was phenomenal, it was a total success and we have an excellent foundation to make it EVEN BETTER for next year.

* Immense thank you our host hotel, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Belmont, for being SO nurturing and supportive of our event, and for always offering a friendly face to all our attendees. Without having a venue who is positive and welcoming of who we are and what we do, our event would not be possible. We highly recommend this hotel to ALL our attendees when they’re in the area, and if you are having a local event of any kind, we encourage you to see if this hotel might be a good fit. Thanks in particular to the housekeeping & breakfast-serving staff, who are almost definitely not used to an invading crowd of our size, but always work with us with a cheerful smile.

* Thank you to our Troubleshooters, Ariel & Michele, for pretty much instantly becoming an essential and invaluable addition to our team. All weekend, the two of them were there for people who needed support, who needed someone to talk to when they had concerns or problematic situations, or who just needed someone to listen to them and help them feel safe and accepted. I know that many of you availed yourselves of them as a resource, an I also know that they really gave of themselves in their roles.

* Thank you to Mephkiย for providing the absolutely MOST hospitable Hospitality Room any event could ever ask for, and for helping us realize the social area in the alcove in the hall that proved to be an anchor for socializing (as well as quiet coloring and grounding) throughout the con. Thank you for rising to the occasion after Dossie’s talk by whipping up lunch for all those who didn’t want to leave yet. Thank you for providing a happy work environment for our volunteers, and for masterminding the food. Thank you for rolling with the punches when random tasks fell into your lap or when things were…perhaps not as well planned as they should have been ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for really giving your all for us and being so dedicated to making WEEHU awesome.

* Thank you to our pizza hookup, Michael,ย for making our delicious final onsite dinner happen, I think we can all agree that not having to go through the logistics of going off site on Sunday for dinner and being thrust out of the con environment, was a BIG improvement. I personally really, really appreciated having a chill, low-logistics way to connect with folks as the con rolled gently to a close.

* Thank you to WEEHU’s incredible founder & facilitator, Dr. Headcrash! Thank you for all your tireless support of me and of this event in the months leading up to it, despite many big challenges. Thank you for wrangling the dungeon furniture to the hotel on a rainy day! Thank you for helping to lead the Unconference and thank you for keeping me fed and grounded. Thank you for sharing your mentorship and knowledge. And on a personal note, thank you for helping me grow immensely and become the person I am today. The person I was when I met you would have never dreamed of having the confidence to even teach in front of a small group, much less be in charge of a big, complicated event. All my love, devotion and thanks to my wonderful Owner ๐Ÿ™‚

* Thanks to GirlFriday for doing an incredible job with volunteer coordination, setup help, and general asskicking and problem-solving! Know that you are loved and appreciated for all you do for us!

* Thanks to MsKittyLove for everything–teaching, making registration run incredibly smoothly and well, being a friendly face for all, and for also a ton of work for us leading up to the event. You are incredible and we are so glad you found the courage to come to WEEHU years ago and really find a place and a voice for yourself. I deeply admire you & am so happy to help facilitate your moving into a leadership role!

* Thank you to my darling Fleur for kicking ass at so many things: for months of work and effort in the months leading up to WEEHU, for your patient, friendly, logistics-heavy work on volunteer introductions and scheduling, for the million little things you did for us during the event, for taking charge and making the onsite meals happen, and for taking care of me. I love you ๐Ÿ™‚

* Thank you to LogoDom for the wonderful cartoons you made, chronicling your WEEHU experiences and observations. Your wonderful contributions were made all the more wonderful by being spontaneous and unasked for. And thank you for generously donating many of your drawings to us, and giving us permission to share them. Stay tuned on what that will look like, we are thinking of putting something special together for them!

* Thank you to my incredible husband, cookiesinthejar, for providing mountains of support and facilitation for me throughout the year so that WEEHU can happen, for providing rad music for our playrooms, for extending yourself to provide so many airport rides to folks, for all the little things like doing my chores for me or letting me have my nose in my computer during our time together. Thank you for all your support.

* Thank you to EnergeticIntent for not only your invaluable knowledge and teachings, but for the always calm, welcoming energy you contribute to our event. Thank you for your particular contributions to the Unconference session. Thank you for being you. Thank you for doing way more DMing and loading in/out than you probably expected, and for generally being very gracious and generous with your time.

* Thank you to Max_BLC for, unasked-for, kicking ass at load-out (with no sleep) and volunteering whenever you saw need.

* Thank you to Wiseguy for all your help before the event, and for your ongoing mentorship and support. There are so many things at the event this year that wouldn’t have happened (or at least, not nearly as well) without you.

* Thank you SO MUCH to LuckyAlbatross for your help coordinating rides & presenter needs, and for your support throughout the year.

* Thank you to all those unnamed folks who did something special for the event or for someone else there, who used this event as an opportunity to grow, who challenged themselves, who made new connections, who helped someone else make new connections, who provided support, who mentored, who took care of themselves, who learned, who reflected, who improved, or who otherwise did even one little thing to make our community great. Please take these values home with you and share them with others in the year to come. Oh, and bring your friends to WEEHU next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

Barring unexpected scheduling issues, WEEHU 2017 will be Oct 13-15 2017!

WEEHU Programming Director


It all begins tomorrow, with the Earlybird Dinner!

Tomorrow (Thurs 10/13) is also the last day for you to register online for WEEHU. After that, tickets will still be sold at the door, but the rate goes up to $125 for same-day tickets. So book now!

We are so excited, and plan to have many wonderful experiences in store for you ๐Ÿ™‚

In case you didn’t notice, we also had two very special late-add presenters: Kali DuBois and Grizzlly! Go check the schedule to see what they have to offer.

See you soon!