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Playspace Monitor Training for WEEHU 2017!

Hello all,

Something that we’re prioritizing this year is improving and “upgrading” our Playspace Monitor (aka DMs or Dungeon Monitors) team for this year’s event, the weekend of Oct 20-22 2017.

One of the ways we’re seeking to do this is to offer training in advance of the event. This is so all PMs can be on the same page with what their role is, how to deal with different situations, and how to best be assets to our attendees.

We aim to have this training be something that will be valuable in your future endeavors and in improving your communication skills in general!

Trainings will be low cost–or FREE if you sign up to work at least 1 hour as a WEEHU PM!

There will be 1 in-person training held in the SF Bay Area, and 1-2 trainings held via Skype or Google Hangout.

We do not have dates set for these yet, but please stay tuned.

If you are interested, please join our mailing list to be informed as more information rolls out!

Thanks everyone 🙂