Monthly Archives: September 2015

Lots of News!

Hi all!

We are less than a month out from the event now, and we have so much news to share.

The biggest is that OUR SCHEDULE IS LIVE!

We have such an incredible lineup of presenters and content this year, it was really challenging to even know how to cobble it all together. Most of our presenters have gone so far as to create some entirely new educational content for this year’s WEEHU, for which we are so excited! We’ve worked to create a mix of content so that subjects, new hypnotists, more experienced hypnokinksters, and folks with more specific interests will hopefully all be able to attend 1 class after another that appeals to them 🙂

The schedule will also elucidate more info about the play parties and the field trip!

Second, our room block is almost completely filled. We currently have 5 queen rooms, 2 kings, and 2 suites, all on the “quiet” floor. (Remember, play can still happen on that floor, it just needs to happen inside your room with the door closed.)

Also, we are still looking for a few more volunteers. All scholarship funds have been allocated at this time–thank you so much to our HERO ticket holders!

Thanks everyone, more info will keep rolling your way. Once you’ve registered, expect to receive a couple of emailed packets of information about the con, sent to whatever email you bought your tickets with.

WEEHU Programming Coordinator