Important Notice: We have been having issues with email on our servers! If you have emailed us at info@weehu.org since March 28th, please resend to weehu@panavatar.net!

WEEHU 4 will be happening on October 14-16th, 2016! Just like last year, we will also have some more casual get-togethers on Thursday and Monday, for those who can stay longer.

We will be returning to our hotel venue from 2015.

Last year, WEEHU attendees booked 3/4 of the hotel. This year, we’re booking the whole thing.

But we can’t do that without your help. Tell your friends about us, and even if you’re local, make the jump to stay with us onsite this year. Ask anyone who did so–it’s worth it. The immersive experience of being in hypno-con space all weekend just can’t be replicated.

If you want to teach, present, volunteer or apply for a scholarship, please do reach out to us at info@weehu.org, and we’ll get back to you when we’ve got info for you!

WEEHU 2015 exceeded all our expectations–and we’re sure this year will be even more fun!

WEEHU is a space to explore the possibilities of erotic hypnosis in a friendly and community-oriented environment with kinky and/or kink-friendly folks like you! It’s the only event of its kind on the west coast. It features three days of erotic hypnosis, suggestion, and trance classes, and two nights of play parties.

We cover content from basic 101 instruction (from both a ’tist’s or subject’s perspective) right through to advanced topics like long-term hypnotic relationships and memory play, and many stops in between. Please visit the Presenters page for our current (still growing!) list of presenters for 2016!

Click here to view last year’s complete class schedule, class list, and presenter list, all in one handy document!

Please note that because of our Unconference format, some aspects of the above schedule will likely be evolving right up until, and during, the con itself. In addition to our structured schedule, we also have an unconference track where new content can be organized on site, based on our attendees’ needs and interests!

WEEHU 1, in 2013, had about 50 attendees. In 2014 we had 100. In 2015, we had 157. We expect to continue to grow this year and are looking forward to lots of new faces as well as old friends!

If you are considering attending, we encourage you to RSVP on Fetlife. It’s a great way to give us an expected headcount, whether or not you’ve registered yet, and to also help spread the word about the event!

Feel free to join in the discussion on Fetlife–we are always happy to answer questions or hear feedback! Our Fetlife group is a good place to coordinate room or ride sharing, request content that you’d like to see, issue or respond to calls for demo subjects, or give input on various parts of the planning process such as meal or entertainment options. We’d love to see you there!